High Ground Park

High Ground Park is a 39-acre public park opened in 2013 to preserve the historic Civil War earthworks of Fort Higley. The Fort, constructed in 1863 by Union forces in preparation for battle, was part of a series of Civil War earthworks located on the high ridges just south of the Tennessee River. The additional earthworks include Fort Dickerson and Fort Stanley and these forts together, along with the natural topography, helped successfully protect Knoxville during the Civil War.

High Ground Park features a one-mile trail leading up to the Fort Higley earthworks as well as an auxiliary trail following an old military road. At the highest point at the park, visitors enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area from the park’s signature red chairs. The Aslan Foundation created High Ground Park not only to preserve the historic site but also to provide recreational opportunities. The park is open to the public during daylight hours seven days a week. It is the perfect place to learn about Knoxville’s Civil War history, enjoy the region’s beautiful scenery, and experience true East Tennessee woodlands just fifteen minutes from downtown Knoxville.

High Ground Park is part of the Urban Wilderness’s Battlefield Loop. Learn more about Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness.