The Eugenia Williams House to Open in 2025 to benefit the Knoxville Community

October 03, 2022


The twenty-four acres overlooking the beautiful Tennessee River and the Great Smoky Mountains will be open to the public through a series of trails on the property and cultural programming in the buildings. While visiting the grounds, guests will walk through distinct landscapes, including the Upland Glade, Lowland Meadow, Riverfront Grassland, Pasture, Ravine Garden, Wild Garden, and the Great Lawn. When visiting the 1941 John Fanz Staub-designed home and the 1939 BarberMcMurry-designed stable, guests will engage in cultural programming produced by Knoxville’s cultural institutions, including tours, lectures, small exhibitions, and intimate performances. Partners include the Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Knoxville Opera, Knoxville Garden Club, Beck Cultural Exchange Center, Knox Heritage, and Knoxville History Project. The programming schedule will be created to enrich the City of Knoxville’s cultural life and preserve the historic buildings and grounds.