Uncovering the Windows at the Eugenia Williams House

August 11, 2021

Eugenia’s Williams House’s first phase of work includes stabilizing the structure, clearing invasives on the site, and short-term solutions to enhance the building’s security and prepare it for visitors. Aslan Foundation recently took the plywood off the windows and replaced the boards with custom polycarbonate sheets.

This clear polycarbonate boarding is weatherproof, unbreakable, and retrofitted to each window. Specialized hardware and bracing bars eliminate damage from installation, and small louvers allow for additional ventilation.

These transparent window coverings also allow natural light throughout the home. The new window coverings illuminate the home’s details and relationship to the site. Each window offers a distinct perspective of the home, grounds, and the Tennessee River. The introduction of natural light reveals the grandeur of the Eugenia Williams Home as originally designed.