The Aslan Foundation purchased the Loghaven property in 2008 to save it from redevelopment. The original log cabins on the property were built by Myssie Thompson in the 1930s. As a single mother, Myssie developed the cabins as a rental community to support her family. The cabins continued to serve Knoxville residents for over seventy years. A 2010 archaeological study found evidence of human habitation at Loghaven as early as nine thousand years ago.

The Aslan Foundation has focused on restoring the site in preparation for the launch of the Loghaven Artist Residency in 2019. The Residency will nurture artists of excellence from around the country and the world while preserving Loghaven’s 100 acres of inspiring natural and built environments. The Foundation has rehabilitated five historic cabins to be used as artist residences. In addition, the Foundation is building a gateway building to house a communal dining space, studio, and staff office.

The Loghaven Artist Residency will serve Knoxville residents through its collaborations with the Big Ears Festival, the Knoxville Museum of Art, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, and the Knoxville Opera.